Everything you need to know about a dissertation checking process

  • When you have been working on a paper for long time it is difficult to see where you need to make improvements or even notice where you have deviated from your original planned pathway.
  • When you attend you work you may have had a plan. Ideally you will have used a used a project diary in some form that has allowed you to make notes and plan your timetable.
  • It is probably only when you get as far as completing your first draft that you are able to see the progression of your original idea to becoming an important piece of academic work

BIG TIP: when you first start planning – create a road map so you have a great visual that illustrates the logical progression of ideas/theories and examples. Refer back to this as you write.

  • Read through your first draft as if you were the professor. Be critical. Question the links that you have cited. Do you have clear signposts at the beginning of each chapter?
  • Check your Bibliography. Ideally you will not leave this until the last as in when you do your final draft. Have you used the correct reference system?
  • Check the original instructions that you were given when the work was assigned. Check whether you are using the correct word allowance for each section.

BIG TIP: when you read through your first draft – read it aloud. This way you have a better idea of the sentence construction and the flow of your work.

  • Once you have checked that the content of each chapter is in the correct place, then start looking at individual paragraphs to see if they each are worthy of inclusion in your paper.
  • Remember as you read though your work – to jot down any ideas that come to mind that you think will enhance your work - keep a pencil to hand.
  • Be critical of your own work. If you can stand back and be objective then you can be sure that any changes that you make will good ones.

BIG TIP: when you are producing an important document it is always a good idea to have someone else to read though your work for you. There are several reputable online academic writing services that can give you excellent professional service that can enhance your work.

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