Coming Up With A Good Dissertation Title

Your paper should shine from the dissertation title page to the conclusion. For you to achieve this you have to choose a title that will set you apart from the rest of the students. A good title will not only make your paper writing process but rather it will also make you come up with a dissertation that will please the reader. The following are some of the criteria that you can use to find a suitable title for dissertation.

Choose an interesting title

Everyone has their own unique taste and when choosing a dissertation titles find one that you can enjoy when writing. If you love sports then let your theme encompass his domain. Boring topics will only make you loose the morale of finishing your paper since you will struggle a lot. The repercussion f this is presenting some very shoddy work that a kindergarten child will not even approve of. Therefore, carefully scrutinize your titles before settling on one.


A good dissertation chapter title does not just drop from the sky but rather you have to go that extra mile and what do I mean by this. I mean that you should at least be able to conduct thorough research on what are some of the current and best topics to base your paper on. Dissertation title examples will come in handy here since through them you will have an idea of some of the best topics.

Is it feasible?

In most cases, one is given at most five months to finish the dissertation thus you may not have all the time in the world. There are some titles that will require you to do extensive and massive research that there will be barely any time left for writing. Ensure that you look at the practicability before choosing a dissertation title. Avoid titles that will require you to get out of the country to conduct your research because that particular phenomenon under investigation is not in your country.

It should be precise

The topic at hand should be precise and straight to the point. Long dissertations can take your time such that you end up presenting your work late without even correcting it. A good dissertation should only be able to answer the questions what, where and when. You can Google precise dissertation titles for examples if you have no clue of how such dissertations should look like.


Your paper may not be the first one that your professor has come across. If you want to appeal to him or her then you have to make sure that you choose an original topic. The common titles that almost every tom, Dick and Harry has written on can sound quite monotonous. The term original does not however mean that you go and look for a topic that has never been heard before. This can make you get stuck since there would be no facts to prove it. Just try to bring fresh idea topics without deviating from the normal. Get some original headings from online dissertation title generators.

From the tips above I bet you can be able to comfortably choose your title.

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