Dissertation Vs Thesis: What Are The Basic Differences

Every student engaged in post-graduate studies will always encounter the question of whether to write a dissertation or thesis. This is also a consideration you have to make before you begin your studies because each option requires a unique set of skills, resources and engagement. What differentiates these two academic papers and what are the expectations from the department? Here is an expert review of these academic papers.

Qualification Upon Completion

The first among the thesis vs dissertation 8 basic differences is the qualification you get once you have completed your studies. A thesis is used for Masters studies. Once you are done, you will graduate with a Masters in the area you were studying. A dissertation is produced by students who want to acquire PhD. However, there are doctoral thesis in some institutions that are different from that completed at Masters level.

Purpose For Writing- Explore a Topic Vs New Ideas

The methodology used in producing these two papers differentiates them. A thesis involves exploring a topic or area that you need to pursue professionally. A dissertation requires you to explore ideas by different scholars and come up with own new ideas.

Expectations – Show Ability

The expectations of dissertation and theses from start to finish differ. A thesis requires you to show mastery of a certain idea in your professional life. When writing a dissertation, you will be required to be more analytical and develop new ideas based on information you gather during research.

Expand on topic or area you wish to pursue vs using other people’s ideas to come up with new ideas

A thesis is aimed at showing your professional excellence and masterly of particular aspects of a discipline while a dissertation demands that you add to the scholarly knowledge that exists.


A differentiating factor for dissertation and thesis writing is the length. A thesis is slightly over 100 pages. A dissertation will go past 200 and even 300 pages. However, the length is as a result of expected amount of content.

Dissertation Committee Vs Supervisor

The persons involved in the process of writing dissertation vs master's thesis differs. When writing a thesis, you will only be working with a supervisor. A dissertation involves a committee of several specialists who will guide and advise you.

Mandatory for Masters, Not Necessarily for PhD

You cannot complete a Masters without a thesis. However, you do not need a dissertation to get a PhD. A doctoral thesis will earn you a PhD.

Literature review vs reviewing literature in order to generate new ideas

On the face, the process of writing a thesis differs from that of a dissertation. A dissertation requires you to explore the works or other people to support your new idea. For the thesis, the literature review is supposed to enhance a point that you are trying to make.

Consult your department and supervisor to know what is expected for your graduation. You will also get dissertations and theses database free or referrals to credible sources of quality reference materials. By working with your supervisor and DissertationTeam you will have an easy time writing your paper.

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Use all your skills and knowledge to write the work of the highest quality, and don’t forget to proofread it several times. If you have any troubles, ask your supervisor for help or go online and search for assistance there – you will always get it if you need it.

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